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MyDock is a replacement utility for Windows' start menu
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MyDock is a replacement utility for Windows start menu. It is actually a copy of the Dock you see in Mac OS X machines, but slightly less powerful, and not nearly as good-looking. The Dock is the way to go for starting applications and switching between them in Mac. The user wants to recreate this. The Dock is by default filled with applications on your computer. When you click on an application, the Dock will start it. If the application is already running, the Dock will bring it to the front. There will be a blue circle below the application's icons that tells you whether an application is running or not. You can of course add your own applications. You can do that by dragging an application's executable file to the dock. The more icons you have, the smaller the icons will be, so you might want to keep a limit there. The Dock works alright, but being a Mac OS X user, I can't fail to notice that it doesn't look nearly as good as Mac OS X's. Also, the dock is the main element of Mac OS X, and in Windows, it feels like just an add-on. The latest version of this application is 0.9.1035. However, this review deals with version 0.9.

José Fernández
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  • It works great
  • It allows you to start applications with ease


  • It doesn't look as good as Mac's
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